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Tantrum Doughnuts Glasgow

tantrum dougnuts glasgow
Hi Lovelies
When it comes to doughnuts I am very similar to Homer Simpson because I just love them so much, especially combined with a nice large cup of strong coffee! I remember growing up my mum would say to me and my sister what would you like for a treat and our answers would always be pink icing doughnuts with sprinkles and we happily shared them! Since I have grown up I still like doughnuts every now and again as a treat but I usually go to Tesco or if I want an extra special treat its usually Krispy Kreme as they have a fab selection of doughnuts with nice coffee but that was until recently as I discovered they was a doughnut shop in Glasgow called Tantrum Doughnuts so I decided it was time to give them a whirl to see how the tasted.

tantrum doughnuts glasgow review
tantrum dougnuts
Where are they Located
Tantrum Doughnuts are located at 35 Old Dumbarton Road Glasgow
£2 a doughnut and £3.50 for a smoothie which I found reasonable seeing as its only a small shop and the doughnuts are handmade.
Vegetarian Friendly
All the doughnuts are Vegetarian and the drinks too, the smoothies are suitable for vegans. The only thing that isn't veggie is the marshmallows.

My Thoughts
Tantrum Doughnuts is on a quite side street on Dumbarton road, the shop itself is designed perfectly and you really cant miss it as the logo stands out on the vintage style shop. Inside has a nice retro theme and the menu is very easy to read as are the prices. Choosing the doughnuts was super simple too as they where in a glass box displayed so choosing was pretty easy. I chose 4 doughnuts to takeaway and a Morello smoothie. They where put in a box with a tissue paper with their logo which I found was a nice touch and the slushie cup had the logo on it too.

I picked my doughnuts randomly as I wanted a surprise, but I think they where Hibiscus and Pistachio, Blueberry Cheesecake, Peanut butter and Jelly and Cinnamon sugar with hazelnut chocolate. I must admit they all tasted delicious but my favourites had to be Hibiscus and Pistachio and the hazelnut one, the hibiscus one was just divine and you could really taste the hibiscus and that teamed with the pistachio made it a match made in heaven. I also love the hazelnut one because the cinnomen combined with the hazelnut was just delicious and I can say it gives Nutella a run for its money. I loved all the dougnuts and so did my husband and we would definatly be going back.

The slushie was Morello Cherry and it was very refreshing and a lot better then the usual slushies out their as this one is made out of fruit. The slushie was decorated with 3 Morello cherries and mint, the slushie is made with real fruit and natural sugar with nothing artificial. I loved the slushie and the mint complimented it perfectly.

Tantrum dougnuts review
For more Info on Tantrum Doughnuts check out their website!

Have you ever been to Tantrum Doughnuts before?
What is your favourite Treat?
Melissa x
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Lush Sex Bomb Review

Lush Sex bomb lush sex bomb bath bomb
Hi Lovelies
After a long day, one of my favourite and most important thing for me to do is RELAX and one of my favourite ways to relax is with a Lush Bath Bomb. Days can be pretty long some times because I wake up very early in the mornings and my husband works most days so its nice to have a treat every now and again and for me Lush bath bombs do the trick perfectly.

Sex Bomb was made to help you relax when your feeling tired, stressed and anxious with its blend of Jasmine, Clary Sage and ylang ylang.

Lush Sex Bomb Bath Bomb
Cruelty Free
lush sex bomb review
lush sex bomb in water
I think sex bomb looks lovely as its got a  lovely light pink and lilac colour with a very cute rose in the centre of it, I know it sounds and looks very simple but I think with bath bombs less is more sometimes. With the scent you can smelling it instantly even when its in its packet and it has a very nice floral scent (I actually kept mine on my bookcase for a few days because it made my living room smell so nice, that I was reluctant to use it :D).

As soon as I put it in the bath water it started to fizz and I don't know why but the sound of the fizzing bath bomb in the water made me relax a little bit and made me look forward to my bath that little bit more. It took only about two minutes for the whole bath bomb to melt including the rose petals design in the centre and it made the bath a gorgeous rose pink colour which I thought looked very nice. I stayed in the bath a bit longer then I normally do because it was so relaxing and I just loved the floral scent, it all went together perfectly in my opinion. When I eventually got out the bath and pulled out the plug it did leave a slight pink on the bottom of my bath but with a small jug of water it was gone.

After my bath I still had the scent on me till the next day and even now my bathroom still smells like bath bomb which is fab because I just love the smell of it.

What is your favourite Lush Product at the moment?
Melissa x
Thanks for reading ♥
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Yankee Candle Wax Burner

yankee candle wax burner
 Hi Lovelies
One thing is for sure is that I just LOVE Yankee Candles, I have tried so many over the years and I can never get tired of them. Yankee Candle is an American candle company which sells candles all over the world, they have an amazing selection of products from candles, wax melts and even car fragrances too. They are sold in lots of places in the UK from online to gift shops and even supermarkets.

Until recently I didn't know too much about wax burners until I looked into them online and thought to myself why not give it a whirl and that's why I bought this. I have heard the fragrance is more intense with a wax burner and that's a big reason I bought this.

yankee candle wax burner and wax melts
 Yankee Candle Wax Burner
(rrp £6.00)
I got myself this wax burner in Tesco as I really wanted to try a wax burner but didn't want to spend to much money but seeing as this is very reasonable price of £6.00, I just went for it. I also got myself some various wax tarts to try with it . The wax burner itself has very nice and simple design with tear drop shaped centre to put the unscented candle in and the sides decorated with a floral pattern and the top has a little pool to hold the wax tart.

I put the unscented candle which I also got from Tesco in the centre of the wax burner and then I put theYankee candle wax tart 'sea paradise' on top in the pool shaped bit of the burner and as soon as it started to melt which was approximately 30 minutes later the whole room smelled like the wax tart and it was just heavenly. The second day I used it the fragrance was more powerful and the smell of  the fragrance was much more intense.  I have used a full wax tart probably about 6 times now and they is still lots left to use which I think is very good value for money seeing as the wax melts only cost between £1 and £1.49.

If your like changing fragrances more often or mixing the scents up a bit to make up your own scent they are very easy to break in half. After using my wax burner I personally think that wax melts smell more intense with a wax burner then with a candle, I for sure appreciate the scent much more because I can smell it more with a wax burner.

yankee candle wax burner

I already have a few more wax melts on my wishlist including summer scoop and Sicilian lemon.

What is your favourite Yankee Candle?
Melissa x
Thanks for reading
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My Must Have Spring Essentials

my must have spring essentials
Hi Lovelies!
Its finally Spring 'WOOHOO' and its about time too! I am sure the winter this year was too long and too cold that I am so thankful that the sun is now shining and the days are longer and warmer. Seeing as the weather has changed 'thankfully haha' so has some of the essentials, hence this post on my must have spring essentials .

One major thing that changes for me is the SPF on the sunscreen I use, its very important to wear sunscreen on sunny days and even more so in the spring and summer months. I always buy SPF 30 as I like to wear a higher protection sunscreen. My skin can get quite dry so I like to keep myself moisturised to keep my skin and lips soft. I like to read all year round but you know in the spring summer months to me its more relaxing reading in the sunshine. Last thing but also important to me in a light and summery fragrances, I love fruity fragrances in the spring and summer months.

I love reading all year round but reading in the spring and summer months for me is just the best. I like to read in the garden when its nice and sunny, its so relaxing especially teamed up with some lemonade.

We all know the importance of wearing sunscreen and for me its important to wear it all year round but in the spring and summer months I wear a higher SPF to keep my skin protected. I like to buy it in spray form as its easier for me to apply and also to put on my husband because he always forgets to apply it.

When the sun is shining its always best wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, I just love these sunglasses from Primark because they look so retro and match my style perfectly.

  Lip Scrub
In the summer my skin tends to go dry especially my lips so I always wear a lip scrub before I wear a lipstick, Lush Bubble gum lip scrub is my favourite as it keeps my lip hydrated and has the most lovely candy floss taste 'yummy'.

As I said above my skin can get quite dry so to keep it at bay I moisturise once or twice a day to keep my skin feeling soft and smelling amazing, my favourite moisturiser has to be soap and glory the righteous butter! it smells beautiful and lasts for ages, I have had mine for nearly a year now and its still going strong.

I am not a major perfume wearer but in the summer I like to wear light fruity fragrances as to me that match in with the weather perfectly. My favourite has to be from The Body Shop and its Grapefruit body mist, it smells very fruity and lasts all day.

I know this list wont count for everyone but it happens to be my favourite things in the spring. I have a few more favourites but the post would be super long but you get the idea with this post hopefully.

What are you favourite Spring Essentials?
Melissa x
Thanks for reading ♥
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My Top 5 Pink Lipsticks

my top 5 pink lipsticks

top 5 pink lipsticks
Hi Lovelies!
Apart from red lipsticks my most popular lipstick shade in my makeup drawer is pink! I just love pink lipsticks because they are the perfect everyday wear and not forgetting they look extra nice in the spring an summer months.
Even though they can be worn anytime of the year I just think they have that extra sparkle in the warmer months and it doesn't matter if they are in crème or matte finish they all look lovely. I have chosen a top 5 with different price tags from budget to premium.
my top 5 pink lipsticks
I have put this post together with my current top 5 favourite pink lipstick ( you never know they could change in the future) but so far its these 5 lipsticks.

Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick in 124 Azalea (£10.90)
Cruelty Free
This is a beautiful bold and creamy lipstick from a newly discovered brand I tried Kiko. I love the shine of this lipstick and how intense the shade of pink is. The lipstick has the most lovely packaging of a metallic tube and a unique tap button the top. This lasted a good 3 hours before needing another application which is pretty good for a creamy lipstick.

Lime Crime Countessa Fluorescent
Cruelty Free & Vegan
This lipstick is a very nice hot pink shade and its very opaque for maximum impact! The lipstick smells like vanilla and the tube is very pretty with its pastel purple background and chrome unicorn on it. The lipstick is very smooth to apply and has a decent lasting time of about 3 hours, like I said about decent for creamy lipstick.

Illamasqua Pinkie Lipstick (£19.50)
Cruelty Free
Pinkie is a satin finish lipstick and is a cool pink shade, this lipstick is the most expensive out of the range but I love the way it looks so I had to put it in my top 5. Its a very daring pink but I think it looks lovely during the spring, especially teamed up with a lip gloss. This lipstick lasts a decent time frame of 4 hours.

B. Cosmetics Sherbet Dip Lipstick (£7.99)
Sherbet Dip is a very nice candy pink and is fragrance free which is a nice change, as sometimes lipstick scents can be overpowering. The packaging matches its name perfectly with its swirling pink on the silver background.  This lipstick doesn't last the longest but as you know with lipsticks its best to carry them in your bag.

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipstick in It Eats You Up Matte (£2.49)
Last up its It Eats You Up Matte and of course its a matte lipstick in a hot pink finish! Makeup revolution have some amazing lipsticks but this has to be my favourite of their pink lipsticks as its so long lasting! I would say it lasts me a good 6 hours before I need to re apply! You cant go wrong with matte lipsticks.

Here is what the lipsticks look like in order Azalea, Countessa Fluoresant, Pinkie, Sherbet Dip and It Eats You Up Matte.

What my favourite pink lipsticks look like on my lips
My favourite pink lipsticks on my arm
my favourite pink lipstick swatches

What is everyone's favourite lipstick brand?
Do you have a favourite pink lipstick?
Melissa x
Thanks for reading ♥
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Lush Haul

Lush Haul
Hi Lovelies
Guess who has been to Lush again? **Slowly raise my hand** I can't resist going into Lush because the smell just draws me in and I can't walk past the shop without going inside. Today I went to Lush in the morning and I knew what I was going to buy because I made myself a pre made checklist of what I wanted to try at Lush ( I made myself a diary of all lush products I have used and all the products I want to use in the future haha).

My Lush Haul

The main reason I got this bubble bar was because its shaped like a milk bottle! its just so cute isn't it? It reminds me a lot of the ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra who bathed in milk.  The main ingredients in this are skimmed milk, cocoa butter and orange oil.

Its be absolutely ages since I last bought this and I thought it was about time that I treated myself to this bath bomb again! If my memory serves me right is smells very floral like jasmine? and has petals that melt in the water.

Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb (£1.95)
I have bought this many times and I just love it because it smells lovely like lavender and makes the bath such a nice bright blue.

All products in this post will be reviewed soon and I have a blog directory full of lush products I have already tried and tested.
What are your favourite Lush products?
Melissa x
Thanks for reading ♥
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Lush Bunch of Carrots

Lush bunch of carrots
Hi Lovelies
I have had these for absolutely ages that I almost forgot to post about them because they lasted me such a long time. Todays post is about Lush's Bunch of Carrots which is from the Lush Easter range, the fun part about them this year is they are all different colours compared to just orange like last years bunch of carrots, not only that .. they are also bubble bars and can be broken up in pieces to last many baths, I love bubble bars because they are so long lasting for the money.

I got these about two months ago in my last lush haul and its just been a week since I used the last of it! I've said it before and I'll say it  again the best Lush products are seasonal.

lush bunch of carrots review
As I said above these are bubble bars and they are various shades pink, orange and purple. They have a very nice sweet and fresh smell and I can't remember the exact ingredients but it did smell like summery like lemons (very citrusy!) and bit floral (Bergamot) I really loved the smell of bunch of carrots that I kept them in my room for a month because it made my room smell like lush which is just lovely!

I broke each carrot into 4 pieces so it would make 12 baths and for £6.25 a bunch I think that's a real bargain for Lush products. I put one piece in a bath of running water and as soon as the water hit it the colour burst everywhere and eventually the bubbles came, I found that it didn't melt completely so I had to crush it to make it completely dissolve in the bath. Usually when I put a lush product in the bath the scent usually intensifies but with this it didn't change dramaticallybut it did have a decent enough light scent.

The bubbles were not anything major but they were very nice and delicate, not too much and not too little. The only slight problem I have with this bubble bar is that the smell is not intense enough, with lush products I expect a nice strong (but not too much) smell, the smell isn't enough for me unfortunately but saying that its still a nice bubble bar with the colours, the nice bubbles and the affordable price.

lush bunch of carrots review

What are your favourite Lush products?

Thanks for reading ♥
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