Buying clothes on a budget

buying clothes on a budget
Hi Lovelies 
I must admit I just love saving my penny's and always try my best to find a bargain. My favorite sort of clothes are retro inspired clothing such as rockabilly or pinup style but to me they seem to be so expensive even though I know the quality is amazing and the clothes look fabulous. The best thing about buying on a budget is creating my own looks for a fraction of the price and with clothes that I already own.

I do like to treat myself from time to time but most of the time I am saving money as I have 3 children who need new clothes quite often and me and my husband are in the middle of moving house so saving money is the best option for us at the moment
buying clothes on a budget
My advice for saving money on clothes

  • Budget: This is my number one thing to do, I work out how much I need to pay for food, rent, bill etc and then work how much left over we can spend on clothes etc.
  • Sales: They always seems to be sales on in most shops now, so its a great place to find the perfect bargain even if it means it takes more time shopping.
  • Ebay: This is a great option to find more expensive clothes for a fraction of the price and also great to find hard to find items such as a dress with cherries or a t shirt with pineapple print.
  •  Carboot sales: I used to always go to these with my mum and I found the most beautiful clothes that are not on the high street.
  • Check your wardrobe: Is they any clothes that can be modified with a belt or dressed up with jewellery, this can bring older clothes back to life. 
  • Charity shops: I have gone to charity shops all my life with my mum and still do to this day as they is so many clothes that are retro and are a fraction of the price.

most of all ... Enjoy!!!

  • Thanks for reading ♥
  Melissa Zia 
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Lush Ultraviolet Bubble Bar Review

Lush Ultraviolet Bubble bar review
Hi Lovelies 
When I seen Lush's Mothers Day collection I was literally jumping for joy! the collection looks so bright and cheerful I just had to have everything in the range but for me this stood out from the rest as its massive and its such a gorgeous blend of purples and blues, it just looks fabulous and dark I say it one of the nicest looking bubble bars I have seen in Lush yet!

Ultraviolet  is everything I love in a bubble bar! Firstly because of its sheer size compared to over bubble bars in lush, this can be split into 3-4 pieces so its a good value for money and secondly its gorgeous rainbow style of purples, greens and blues. Finally the the fragrance and this is probaly the best thing about this bubble bar, its scent is very different to other lush bath products and for me the scent is almost like my favorite sweets parma violets!

Lush Ultraviolet Bubble bar review
This bubble bar is made with a combination of Violet leaf, rosewood, ylang ylang and jasmine which is the most beautiful combination that lush have made in my opinion the blend smells so fresh and natural and you can really smell the violet which is good as it goes with the name of this bubble bar. The scent of this bar is beautiful and is a very sweet smell as I said exactly like parma violets 

This bubble bar is huge so its great for a 3-4 baths so its  great for its price, breaking it into 4 sections was simple too and it didn't crumble thankfully. I put this in running water and as soon as I did that the aroma just made my bathroom smell like violets. This  crumbles when the water runs on it and took about 2 minutes to fill the whole bath with bubbles and the water a nice lavender colour. For me I find this very nourishing and left my skin feeling soft and the fragrance lasted till the next day . 

Lush Ultraviolet bubble bar review
What can I say? I just love this bubble bar! it looks fabulous and smells so beautiful with its blend of jasmine and violet. Ultraviolet is part of the mothers day collection but thankfully its still available online and costs £4.75 (not sure about in store I will have a look soon). This is my new favorite bubble bar as its got the most beautiful fragrance that lasts and so many bubbles! I just love its fresh fragrance so perfect for the Spring

2015 Mother's Day Collection
Bubble Bar
£4.75 each

What is your favorite Lush bubble bar?
 Melissa x

Thanks for reading ♥
  Melissa Zia 
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Interview with the real Rain Man

Hi Lovelies!
I would like to introduce you all to my brother Paul Major! My brother Paul is 31 years old and he has aspergers syndrome. Paul has had a difficult time growing up  and struggled with bullies and fitting in with people as people can only see Paul, what he is like on the outside but don't realise he is disabled or if they did they made him feel worse about himself.  My brother has my mum as a full time carer and she has been amazing looking after my brother, I myself try my best to look after my brother as he loves being with his family. 

Paul has many talents and realised them at an early age, one being is having a mind like a calender, My brother can tell anyone what day they were born on just from them saying their date of birth and  he can tell you the answer in lightning speed. He can also remember exactly what date he bought his badges and he has nearly 7000 of them which is just incredible. If those talents weren't enough he can also tell you what was number one  at any time in which the charts started.

Paul was in the News & Star in November 2014

Interview with Paul Major

How are you today? I am great thank you 

When did you realise you had your talents? When I was about 9, when I found an old calender in an old suitcase and I looked at it and thought to myself I can work out the dates on this. I have been brought up with music and have looked up the charts and everything from their I have just remembered.

How did you learn your talents? I have many ways the first being the calender and working out dates like a mathematician would work out maths and with music I looked at the chart books and I have just remembered from then on.

What are your hobbies? Badge collecting, CD collecting and seeing my girlfriend at the bowling and at the disco.

What are your favorite ways to showcase your talents? I love impressing people with my knowledge and being cool.

Do you have future plans for your talents?  I hopefully would like to show them on the TV and just carry on enjoy doing them.

I would love people to remember my brother has been wanting to show people his talents for a long time and he just wants people to like the work as he loves doing it and has done this for such a long time now. Paul would like people to know that a disability does not mean its ok to bully and we against bullying full stop! we hope to end disability hate crime as hes gone through a lot of it through the years.

Thanks for reading ♥

Melissa x 

  Melissa Zia
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Top 5 Lipsticks For Spring

Hi Lovelies 
We can finally say its nearly spring.. woohoo! the days are getting longer and the weather is finally getting warmer so its time to show you all my top 5 Spring lipstick choices of 2015. My favorite Spring lipsticks tend to bright shades and not forgetting the more neutral shades such as pink shades as I think they go so well with Spring flowers and  long brighter days.

So whats on the Top 5 Spring Lipstick list...
5 lipsticks for spring
spring lipstick swatches

Illamasqua - Starkers
Probably the most nude lipstick I own and I just love it for the more natural makeup days with just a lipstick and a bronzer, they just go so well together like . I don't usually buy nude shades as I love my bright lipsticks but when I won this in a competition I just fell in love with it and I am so glad to have it in my collection.

Barry M Loudmouth in Tease
I don't normally buy liquid lipsticks as I prefer lipstick in the tube as the packaging looks so much nicer but with this I was tempted as they look like OCC lipsticks and wanted to see if they were anything like them. This lipstick is a budget lipstick and for the money it looks stunning and is a classic retro red with a gorgeous shine.

Makeup Revolution - Enchant
This is a candy pink and looks gorgeous with any outfit, I love wearing this lipsticks anytime of the year but I think this lipstick would go so well with pastel shades. This lipstick is so moisturizing and none drying .

Revlon Colorburst Lipbutter - Sweet Tart
I just love the quirky name of this lipstick and the shade of this lipstick reminds me a lot of pink lemonade. It is a subtle but very moisturizering so perfect for those warmer days as it acts as a lipstick and a lip balm all in one. The lipstick isn't dying a lasts a good couple of hours without the need for re applying.

MAC - Viva Glam Miley Cyrus
Now you all know I just love bright lipsticks and viva glam Miley Cyrus is as bright as they come! this is a super hot pink in a satin finish and has a retro look to it. Bright lipsticks look perfect all year round and look fabulous with any outfit. Mac viva glam is long lasting lipstick for about 4 hours and is not drying and surprisingly very moisturizing.

What is your favorite Lipstick for Spring?

Melissa x
Thanks for reading ♥
  Melissa Zia 
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Illamasqua Haul

Illamasqua Haul

Hi Lovlies 
I have been meaning to post this post for a while but I am in the middle of moving to new house, which is quite exciting and I will update you all on that in the near future once I have moved into my home as many of you know moving house can be quite hectic.

I have admired Illamasqua since I started blogging and ever since then the love from the brand has just grown more and more as I try more products. I bought these in  the Illamasqua sale when they had a huge discount so I couldn't resist to treat myself to few things while the offers were on and with the added bonus of free delivery that was something else to smile about.

Since starting my makeup artist course I always find myself coming back to Illamasqua as the products are just superb quality and they just give the edge compared to other brands I have tried. I have ordered off Illamasqua over 3 times now and now I have a 10% discount for being a loyal customer which helps save the penny's!

So what did I buy... (more like didn't I buy haha LOADS OF PICTURES)
Illamasqua haul review
Illamasqua sale haul

                                                                    Blusher in Thrust - £21.50
I am no stranger to bright lipsticks but blushers is a different thing for me as I use more subtle shades such as coral but I decided I wanted a change so I took a chance and bought  'Thrust' which is a deep magenta shade in a matte finish. This looks gorgeous and I must admit I love this blusher and its now my favorite blusher that I own now, the magenta is very versatile and can be applied lightly for a subtle look or more if desired.

I don't usually buy single shadows as I much rather buy an eyeshadow palette as they seem so much more worth the money but I decided to give these a try as they are my favorite eyeshdow shades to wear. I would say they are easy to apply and the shades are very pigmented and even more so if you add a primer, very tempted now to try more shades in the range.

One of my favorite makeup essentials is my eyeliner, I wear it everyday with my makeup and I have done for years now, so I know a lot about my eyeliners haha. I use so many liners but only ever get black so decided to get another shade this time so I got this which is an aubergine shade and it looks perfect for a less drastic look or for the spring months.

I have always wanted a flawless looking eyebrows so I decided to try this to help my eyebrows look perfect all day combined with my illamasqua eyebrow cake. This is a kit essential as it helps keep eyebrow powder, eyeshadows and eyeliners on all day without the need for reapplying.

What is your favorite Illamasqua item?


Thanks for reading ♥ 
  Melissa Zia
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Yankee Candle Simply Home - Strawberry Shortcake Candle

Yankee Candle Simply Home Strawberry Shortcake Candle Review
Hey lovelies
As you all know I just love candles and I recently bought a new candle to my collection and I have finally got round to reviewing my newest edition to my candle collection. I am a really big fan of Yankee Candle so I was very excited to see a simply home collection in my local Asda.
This candle is strawberry shortcake and wow it smells absolutely delicious. This is a bit cheaper then the ones you would buy from a Yankee Candle shop or online as these are priced at £9 for a medium jar compared to £16.00. I was a bit wary at first to see if they were any good compared to more expensive version but I found they are very near the same quality and most of all the scent is typical Yankee Candle as we all know. Yankee Candle Home Selection candles have the same burn time as other medium candles at 65-90 hours.

What is your favorite Yankee Candle?

Thanks for reading ♥ 
  Melissa Zia 
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Lotus Biscuit Cake Recipe

Lotus Biscuit Vegan Cake
I've always loved baking since my nana taught me to cook when I used to visit her on weekends, she taught me how to make different cakes and I have never forgotten and I am so thankful for her advice on how to cook and bake. I have set myself challenges on making different versions of cakes but obviously vegan versions without using milk and eggs and now I am getting used to using different alternatives in not just baking but in cooking and making smoothies too.

Lotus biscuits are one of my favorite biscuits to have with coffee and I just thought why not make a cake with the lotus biscuit spread and crushed biscuits as a topping and the combination is just divine.

Cake ingredients
  • 250g of plain flour 
  • 250ml of water 
  • 200g Caster Sugar 
  • 2 Table spoons of Vitalite
  • 1 Teaspoon of cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda
  • 2 teaspoons of lotus biscuit spread

Icing and topping
  • 150g of icing sugar
  • 2 teaspoons of lotus biscuit spread
  • Vanila extract
  • 4 Lotus Biscuits   

  1. Preheat the oven 180c
  2. Put all the cake mix together into a mixing bowl and then whisk together with an electric whisk until cake mix is quite thick, if need add more water.
  3. Grease the cake tin, so the cake mix won't stick to the tin and the cake will be easier to get out the tin after.
  4. Put the cake mixture into the cake tin and put into the over for about 25 - 30 minutes till the cake starts to get a golden colour.
  5. Once cooked, leave to cool, then place the cake onto to a plate
  6. whisk the icing ingredients together, more or less water might be needed, my advice would be use a teaspoon at a time. Mix all together until thick and apply to the top of the cake and add the crushed biscuit to the top of the cake.
  7. Enjoy!

What cake should I make next time?

Melissa x

Thanks for reading ♥ 
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