Lush Yog Nog Bath Bomb Review

lush yog nog bath bomb review
 Hi Lovelies
As you all know Lush now have a Christmas range and I just had to treat myself to some of their products in my latest lush haul. Yog Nog was the first thing I put in my basket as I think it looks simple yet fabulous with its Christmas design and the name sounds very quirky too.
Yog Nog is part of Lush's Christmas range and cost me £3.95, it has a very sweet festive design on it with the combination of yellow and white which reminds me a bit of egg  or peaches and yogurt. The smell is very sweet kind of reminds of sweet toffee. 

lush yog nog bath bomb review
I always put my lush bath products in to the bath when the bath is almost half full so it has plenty of time to fully dissolve in the bath and that's exactly what I did with yog nog. As soon as I put this in  the bath it almost instantly made the whole bath go bright yellow with a little bit of white which reminds me a big like bananas for some reason and once it got to the middle it had 3 bright yellow toffee looking pieces which felt soft and think they are for extra softness on skin. The smell of this in the bath was just divine and as soon as it hit the water the smell was just divine and so relaxing, the smell is a combination of clove bud oil, shea butter, ylang ylang and soya milk powder
Yog Nog has some lovely little sparkles that just add to festiveness of Christmas and I personally found this so soft on my skin and I didn't even bother using moisturiser after my bath as this left my skin feeling softer then I expected.
I made a small video on Yog Nog
I am on youtube at
List of ingredients
Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Organic Shea Butter, Snowflake Lustre
Clove Bud Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Cream of Tartar, Sodium Laureth Sulfate
PEG-6 Caprylic / Capric Glycerides & PEG-60 Almond Glycerides
Laureth 4, Soya Milk Powder, Water (Aqua), Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Organic Jojoba Oil, Lauryl Betaine, Eugenol, Perfume, Yellow Lustre
Colour 45350, Colour 19140:1, Colour 47005
My Rating
9 out of 10
This product is Vegan and Cruelty Free
 Yog nog is also available in soap form which I am very tempted to try.
 What is your favourite product from the Lush Christmas range?
Thanks for reading ♥
Melissa x
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The Vegan Kind Beauty Box

The Vegan Kind Beauty box
Hi Lovelies
As you all know my blog is based on everything cruelty free with mostly vegan products and I used to love getting beauty boxes but I had to stop ordering beauty boxes as most stuff in the boxes were not cruelty free never mind vegan. I was so glad when the vegan kind introduced a beauty box as I really love trying new beauty products as that way I find some amazing products that I normally wouldn't of tried .
As much as I love coconut oil I must admit I have so much of it already but this will be used eventually! I usually use coconut oil on my husbands and my hair as a  weekly treat and I think it works wonders on keeping my hair softer and the smell of coconuts is so gorgeous. Coconut oil can used for many things such as cooking and as a moisturiser.
2 years ago I don't think I had any makeup brushes at all and now I have about 20 and I can honestly say I want more brushes so I am happy to add this gorgeous vibrant brush to my collection. I just love the design of this brush with its pink handle and its blend of blue and purple brush. I am looking forward to using this.
I don't normally wear lipgloss but I do on occasions on top of my lipsticks to make them stand out more such as Christmas time or birthdays but apart from that they stay in my makeup drawer. I love the packaging and bottle design of this lip shine and its a lot bigger then other lip glosses so its good value for money.
Now you can never have too much hand cream and I am firm believer of that as I have quite a collection of them so getting this made me happy and I now carry with me everywhere I go. This hand cream smells gorgeous and very natural and the fact its a 3 in 1 cream makes a big winner in my books.
I really don't like complain but I can't help it when I get samples of shampoo I kind of expect the conditioner to try with it so I can see if I like the combination otherwise it kind of puts me off buying the product. The good thing about this though is that it smells nice and they have many cruelty free  hair products in their range.
Vegan Button Mirror
One of my favourite things in the box is the cute mirror! I love the design and it can fit easily in my handbag so while I am out and about I can share a positive vegan message.
This box has to be my favourite beauty box I have ever bought as everything is fabulous and everything will be used including the sample shampoo (My husband loves it) so its money well spent so I defiantly continue buying this box for cruelty free and vegan makeup. This months charity is Dr Hadwen Trust which is a non-animal medical research charity.
 The beauty box is £15 not including P&P for every 3 months so every year they is 4 boxes to try.
Available at
What are your thoughts on November Beauty Box?
Thanks for reading ♥
Melissa x
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Lush Christmas Haul

lush christmas
 Hi Everyone
I am a big Lush addict and I usually go once a week to treat myself but surprisingly for me I haven't been since my last lush haul in August which I got 3 gorgeous bath treats. I decided I needed to go back to lush this week as the Christmas range looks gorgeous and I need to treat myself more and have a fab lush bath.

The Lush Christmas range looks absolutely gorgeous this year with some favourites such as snow fairy and also some new addictions such as the ones I got below.

lush christmas haul
Snow Fairy is my all time favourite and my families favourite shower gel and when Christmas season at lush comes around this is the first thing that goes into my basket. Snow fairy comes in varies size from 100g to 1kg, I really wanted the 1kg but I hope to get that in the sales.
My sister bought me a candy mountain bubble bar for Christmas last year and I just loved it! I knew she bought me something from lush as all I could smell in the living room was sweet vanilla.
I love the sound of this and I haven't it before either so its a nice treat that I am looking forward to using. This has a fantastic Christmas design and has a scent of clove, shea butter, ylang ylang and soya milk powder.
I just had to have this bubble bar as the bar is on a cinnamon stick and looks perfect. This has so many beautiful gold sparkles and is reusable and has a scent of cinnamon oil, almond oil and orange oil so a very classical winter warmer scents.
Have you tried anything from the Lush Christmas range?
Melissa x
Thanks for reading ♥
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Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Swarm

Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Swarm
 Now I know the name on this sounds a bit scary side as we all know what come in swarms - wasps and bees or even worse flies especially when we are having an ice cream during the summer!! But thankfully I am not talking about wasps or any other flying bugs I am talking about a fabulous nail varnish that I treated myself too on my birthday which happens to be called swarm.

Illamaqua Swarm is a black glitter nail polish in a clear gloss finish, I bought this as I have hardly any glitter or sparkly nail varnishes and you know you can't have to much sprinkles and glitter in your life. I applied this on top of my silver OPI nail varnish which is called 'turn on the haute light' which I got last year in my birchbox. This took only one coat and the glitter applied quite evenly across my nails and each nail looked like different design which I just love. Another thing that makes me super happy about swarm in that the glitter doesn't feel like grit on my nails, my nails are very smooth now with this on my nails.

This nail paint would suit any nail varnish in my opinion, I am very tempted to try it again with gold or red which I will update this post with. Swarm is available online or at illamasqua counters up and down the country.

Illamasqua Swarm (RRP £14.50)
Cruelty Free
What is your favourite sparkly nail varnish?
Melissa x
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Virgin Mary Cocktail Recipe

virgin mary mocktail recipe
 As Christmas the party season is coming I thought it would be a fab idea to start posting some fun and tasty alcohol-free options for people like myself or others who don't drink.

With so many cocktails out their a very popular one has to be the 'Bloody Mary', I have always wanted to try It so I decided to make my own version of it to make a 'Virgin Mary instead.  With so many variations online and in books I had some fun making my own variation up and I truly enjoyed it. 
virgin mary mocktail recipe
Makes 1 Mocktail
- 8 Ice Cubes
- Half a Glass of ice cold Appletiser
 -Half a glass V8 Vegetable Juice
 -Lime Juice
-A Pinch of Salt
-4 Drops of Tabasco sauce
 How to mix
-Squeeze half the lime in bottom on glass and put ice cubes on top of that
 -Pour V8 Vegetable juice to just under half way of the glass then add Appletiser to the top of the glass.
-Add a pinch of salt and the tabasco sauce and stir all the ingredients together with a straw or a teaspoon to make sure its all evenly mixed
 -To garnish put the other half of the lime into the glass and a celery stick onto the side of the glass or in the glass whichever you prefer

What is your favourite Cocktail/Mocktail?
Thanks for reading ♥
Melissa x
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*Appletiser have gifted me a giftcard to make mocktails, all recipes are my own.

The Vegan Kind #TVK25

the vegan kind #tvk25
Happy 2nd Birthday to the Vegan Kind Subscription Box!
I have been a loyal customer of the vegan kind for almost the whole 2 years and for me each months box contents just get better and better. The Vegan Kind started back in October 2013 and from now till then they deliver boxes here in the United Kingdom and
all over the world. They have brought a brilliant service for vegans, vegetarians and people who just want to try something new. In their lifestyle boxes they offer vegan food, beauty and lifestyle products with a recipe card.
Each month the box donates 10p from the sale of each box to a chosen charity and this months charity is the British Hedgehog Preservation Society.  
the vegan kind #tvk25
Inside Novembers Box
Ten Acre The Story of When The Cheese Met The Onion Crisps 135g (RRP £1.99)
I just love cheese and onion crisps as they go so well in a sarnie so I was happy to see these again in this months box ! I enjoyed these with my husband as they are a sharing bag watching fast and furious 7 and they nearly lasted the whole movie as they was so many crisps in the bag. These crisps are hand cooked and are very crunchy which I just love.
Qinola Mothergrain Quinoa X3 150g (RRP £1.99 each)
 In this months box they was 3 quinoa sachets in flavours Tex Mex, Mediterranean and Thai. These are perfect for kids or adults on the go as they are packed with nutrients and vitamins. I made these for my children and they just loved the taste of them with their Paneer curry.

iChoc Choco Cookie Chocolate Bar 80g (RRP £2.00)
I am a big fan of chocolate and cookies so this combination is perfect for me in every way. This chocolate is made out of rice milk which is a nice change from the usual soya milk. I haven't tried this bar yet but I am keeping it for Christmas time.

Cocoa Libre Honeycomb Chocolate Slab 100g (RRP £3.95)
Can you believe it? 2 gorgeous looking chocolate bars in one box and I have to admit this got eaten within 2 days of getting this box as it looked to delicious not to eat. This bar is also made out of rice milk and is made with crunchy vegan honey comb.

Hurraw Lip Balm (RRP £4.49)
I have seen these lip balms before but haven't had used them until now, I got vanilla bean balm which is great as I love vanilla everything and its infused with raw organic vanilla beans from Madagascar. I use lip balms when I have no makeup days to keeps my lips soft.

Be Kind, Go Vegan Wrist Band (RRP £1.99)
I just love wearing wristbands so will be wearing this during the warmer months.

The Vegan Kind Lifestyle Box
£10 a month plus p&p

What are your thoughts on this months Vegan Kind Box?
Thanks for reading ♥
Melissa x  
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Nip + Fab Kale Fix

nip and fab kale fix
I have been so excited to try nip + fab for ages as so many people have been raving about them. I am so lucky to have actually won the new Nip + Fab kale fix set . I just love looking after my skin and finding new products to try and hopefully love is one of my favourite tasks to do in my beauty book.
The Nip + Fab Kale fix set is a new collection which came out not so long ago and has 3 products in the range which are the kale fix moisturiser, Kale fix makeup remover pads and the kale fix clay mask and this collection comes to £35.00 altogether on  their website. I found out from the Nip + Fab website that their products are cruelty free and most products including these ones are actually vegan which is just fabulous.
My View on the products
Kale Fix Makeup Remover pads 
Where have these been all my life! these make such a difference to my makeup removal and I can honestly say they made taking my makeup off a breeze and that's saying something because I do tend to wear a lot of makeup and eyeliner. I love the smell of these as they has a nice refreshing smell and removing makeup is almost like a mini pamper session as its so soothing at removing. I wish these pads where a little larger then they would be perfect.
Kale Fix Moisturiser
The pump on my moisturiser wasn't working so after I opened it, the problem seemed to solve itself on this thankfully. Me and my husband use this every even  before bed as we both love the smell of this product and yes you have guessed it, it smells like the makeup remover pads. A little bit goes a long with this cream and I needed 3 pea sized amounts for full face coverage and neck and once on the skin it just sinks into the skin easily without any greasy feeling.
Kale Fix Clay Mask
I just love a clay mask as a weekly treat for me and my husband and we actually couldn't wait to use this mask.This mask is a lot thinner then other masks you would find on the market but I had high hopes and I am glad I did. We left it on our faces for 15 minutes ( the recommended time) and washed it off with warm water and I did notice my skin felt a little bit softer and had boosted my complexion which I loved too.
Would I repurchase ?
I just love all 3 of the products and I am super duper happy to have discovered this brilliant brand, I am looking forward to try more of their products from their skincare range.
Thanks for reading ♥
Melissa x
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